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Lueden ... Act number 171/2005 about gambling from 2005 and its future amendments made all kinds of online gambling and land-based casinos in the Slovak legal. Body authorized to monitor the implementation of this legal act, the Ministry of Finance. It also is the official regulator of both terrestrial and online gambling in Slovakia.

As of January 2017 in Slovakia operate 8 casinos that are scattered throughout the country, some lotteries and a number of bookmakers. The most popular among the Slovak population are gambling Sport wetten. Several hundreds of bookmakers operating in different cities of the country.

Online gambling in Slovakia

Unfortunately, the situation with online gambling is somewhat different from the work of land-based casinos. Despite the fact that the sites of online gambling in Slovakia are legitimate, the government did not provide any operators licenses for its activities. For this reason, local online casino sites , Sport wetten, online pokeren rooms or online bingo sites in Slovakia does not. Instead, the population can freely use foreign portals, which are quite popular in Slovakia.

List of Top 10 Slovak Online Casino Sites

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Gambling in Slovakia

Slovakia – a small and cozy country of Central Europa, which is not much fun. But here are the best hot springs and a huge number of picturesque castles of different eras. A gambling people are well aware that in Slovakia they can get the most aristocratic and stylish in a casino. To get to know the country and the world of gambling, CasinoTopLists sent to Bratislava.

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  •   Slovakia – where there is also a bit of history;
  •  Land-Kasino am Land:
  •  juristesch;
  •   19% tax to the state.
  •   The most famous casino;
  •   Casino Cafe Reduta;
  •   Olympic Casino;
  •   Casino Forum Danube Hotel Bratislava;
  •   Concord Card Casino.
  •  Online Gambling:
  •   The legality of local operators;
  •   International operators have to be licensed by the state, or are blocked.
  •   Five landmarks Slovak capital Bratislava;
  •  Interessant Facts iwwer d'Land an seng Awunner.


Location Slovakia and brief historical background

Slovakia is relatively small Central europäesch country with a population of 5.4 million people. The capital is Bratislava, the official language XCHARX Slovak.

Modern Slovakia began to settle in the V century through the Great Migration. Present territory at different times was part of the power itself, Principality of Nitra, Great Moravia, the Principality of Hungary, Éisträich-Hungary, the Slovak Soviet Republic and Czechoslovakia.

Only in 1993 as a result of XCHARXVelvet DivorceXCHARX was born the modern Slovakia XCHARX parliamentary republic. In 2004, Slovakia joined the EU. Development of the state is by leaps and bounds, which could not but affect the entertainment industry. Gambling and casinos in Slovakia are allowed, but very well controlled by the state.

Casino and gambling in Slovakia

Slovak government has taken the path of least resistance in the area of ​​gambling. Since people want to play, it was decided a reasonable profit from it. Slovak model of gambling is considered today one of the most successful in the world.

The government managed to almost completely withdraw casino, betting and a variety of gambling establishments of the shadows. Naturally, the owners of the business are taxed. Also monitored. But it uses state gambling regulators.

In Slovakia, no one seeks to monopolize gambling. Enough and that the owners pay 19% of profits, as well as for each slot are taxed at a rate of $ 2,000.

The most famous casino in Slovakia

Casino in Slovakia is not particularly large, but they are there in all major cities. In Bratislava, there are three major casinos, each of which has its own characteristics and advantages.

Cafe Reduta Casino XCHARX the oldest casino in Slovakia, a place with a special history and charisma. Even the place where the gambling house is located, unusual XCHARX itXCHARXs theater XCHARXRedutaXCHARX. It is located in the historic center of the capital, and from the end of the XIX century and the beginning of the twentieth century there were representations. Getting here, do not expect luxury and extravagance, because in Slovakia rather appreciate the restraint and elegance. The casino XCHARXRedutaXCHARX running 6 tables with American Mammut, and one with the French, one pokeren table and two tables for Societeit. There is also entertainment, but not so much for lovers of slots.

The largest and most modern is of Olympic Casino . Still, after all it is – part of the international group Olympic Entertainment Group, which owns the gambling houses in Belarus, the Baltic States, Italien an Polen. This establishment is located on Hviezdoslavovo Square in a luxury hotel Radisson SAS Carlton. The grand opening took place in 2008. They are preparing a table 11 and set 61 machine.

Casino Hotel Forum danube Bratislava – quite a prestigious casino, but with its own characteristics. It has a table for the stud, which is not found in other casinos. But the owners obviously have something against slot machines because they do not exist at all.

Many casinos are polumuzeynye country establishments with cozy interiors and impressive. Particular attention is paid to pokeren, because the state is active Sport pokeren Federation. Often, the local casino held pokeren tournaments of the international class.

Concord Card Casino repeatedly took europäesch pokeren Tour. There are 15 tables for games and created perfect conditions for rest.

Almost the entire staff of Slovak casino fluent in English. russesch-speaking guests can count on the understanding, as well Slovaks understand the brotherly people.

Online games on the territory of Slovakia

Slovakia, like most EU countries, the law regulates the activities of online Casinoen . In order to run a site with slots and virtual games, you must obtain a license. For the citizens of the country in this regard, there is no obstacle.

But other countries are experiencing difficulties because the regulatory structure can perform positive locking of objectionable sites. A license for foreign companies is pretty complicated and troublesome process.

attractions Bratislava

  1. Bratislava Castle. Address: Zámocká, 811 01 Bratislava-Staré Mesto. It is an integral part of the panorama of the capital, the most beautiful and important country castle.
  2. St. MichaelXCHARXs Gate. Address: Michalská, 811 03 Bratislava-Staré Mesto. The only surviving medieval gate of Bratislava, built in 1300.
  3. Devin. Address: Muránská, 841 10 Bratislava-Devín. Ruins of Devin castle became one of the national symbols. Located in the Devin district on the site of confluence of the Morava and Danube.
  4. Slovak National Theater. Address: Pribinova 17, 811 09 Bratislava. The theater is located in a historic building on Hviezdoslav Square. It is the oldest theater in Slovakia.
  5. ArchbishopXCHARXs Palace. Address: Primaciálne námestie 1, 811 01 Bratislava-Staré Mesto. This is one of the most beautiful buildings in the capital. Three storey light house of the XVI century with an impressive balcony built in the Baroque style.

Interesting facts about Slovakia Slovaks

  • Bratislava got its present name only in 1919. Prior to that, she changed a lot of names: Pozsony, Pressburg, Preshporok, Istropolis.
  • Slovakia – Christians, but belong to the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Slovakia is the nickname of “economic tiger”, because due to the low income tax attracts a huge amount of foreign investment.
  • Parachute invented and patented the Slovak Stefan Banic in 1913.
  • Slovakia – the birthplace of many famous personalities. Artist Andy Warhol was born in the mics. Martina Hingis, once the number one tennis player in the world, and supermodel Adriana Karembeu “Miss Wonderbra» also increased in Slovakia.
  • Pig ( “Pig” in Slovak) – cult animal of the country.
  • Hockey – one of the most popular sports. Slovakia has a lot of strong players.

Slovakia on the map of Europe

Slovakia on the map of Europe